Emma-Jane Leeson and Johnny Magory Books

The Adventures of Johnny Magory

“The Adventures of Johnny Magory” children’s books series were created and penned by Emma-Jane Leeson. 

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Emma-Jane Leeson Author and Writer


EJ writes articles and feature pieces for various printed and web based publications. She is currently working on a YA fantasy novel along with smaller children’s book projects.

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Emma-Jane Leeson Music


Emma-Jane has been playing a wide variety of musical instruments from a young age, and decided to professionally pursue her passion by completing a qualification in sound engineering. She recorded an LP with Gavin Glass which can be sampled here.

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I’ll tell you a story…

So who am I? Well technically speaking I’m a children’s author, a writer, a musician and a dreamer.

Naturally I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend to lots. 

Stripped back, I’m a wild child and fundamentally believe in trying to forge ways to connect young and old with the natural world around them.

Exploring should be my occupation but for now it’s my favourite hobby.  

I am also addicted to to yoga, good food and close relationships.

Sin é in nutshell, click here and see what I can do for you.

Emma-Jane Leeson

What’s next…

I am exited to connect with like-minded bloggers and influencer’s and finding ways to collaborate.

I’m also looking for media publications that can help me more people and get them out into the great outdoors; naturally. 

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